August 12, 2019 2 min read

The Inline-six BMW engine powering the GR Supra is a proof that UK tuner Litchfield has taken their game to a whole new level, and the outcomes are remarkable.

Although the A90 Toyota GR Supra it is a very fast car undoubtedly, what if there is a missing factor in the name of extra power? While this is not so certain, we can tell that no car with that much speed, can go wrong with an increase in power. And who else has the pedigree to bring this to the table than Litchfield?

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Litchfield is an automobile tuner based in the UK, and the company is known for its breakthrough with Nissan GT-Rs. Interestingly, the tuner has previously used an ECU fettle to perform some magic to the output performance of the popular twin-power turbo inline 6-cylinder BMW-sourced B58 further than 420bhp. That is an enormous boost on the stock power of 335bhp, but we cannot overlook the fact that Toyota’s has maintained moderate figures. Interestingly, a preliminary rolling road session by Litchfield indicated that the car essentially attained a torque 390lbft, and power of 376bhp, similar to the outcomes of a session performed by the Supra dyno session CT, some weeks ago.


Consequently, there is the possibility of thinking it’s not something extraordinary, but Litchfield has a lot up their sleeves. The Litchfield Supra will be going off at 450bhp when it’s completed, and that is according to a report from Pistonheads. The completed version will also sound a lot better than is presently obtainable, owing to a pristine exhaust system that will be a factor of your choice, whether it is Akrapovic or Milltek.

 In a recent development, we had the opportunity to hear the Milltek A90 Supra system, and it was quite amazing. We were also impressed with the rich sound that emanated from the Akrapovic pipes. Irrespective of your choice, one thing is certain, and that is the fact that you won’t be needing the petrol particulate filter anymore.

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The regular A90 is gentler than you may well assume, but if you intend to make things compact, then Litchfield is pretty much your best bet. Litchfield will be adding coil overs from Bilstein or KW, strut brace, firmer springs, etc. as these will be done together with the engine mods.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to see the delicate but effective and efficient carbon-fiber body trim add-ons, which will signify the finishing touches to the project.

We are more than eager to see the results.