Car Enthusiasts - Phone Case

"Understeer: the front of the car hits the wall.
Oversteer: the rear of the car hits the wall.
Horsepower: how fast you hit the wall.
Torque: how far the wall moves." 

➡️ Also available as: Hoodie & T-Shirt
  • Protect your Phone without adding bulk with our super slim "Car Enthusiasts" phone case, made from hardened polycarbonate!
  • Designed to protect the delicate edges of your phone from scrapes and drops, this phone case is expertly crafted to give you peace of mind!
  • Sealed with a high gloss finish that helps protect and enrich the printed design!
  • Exceptional print quality and finish!
  • 25+ phone models supported (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy)!
  • Made in & Shipped from the USA!
  • The Perfect gift for your favorite Car Enthusiast or for yourself!
  • Delivery Time - USA: 5-9 days | International: 10-20 days

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